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Pacific Alliance - The countries Post 3 of 4

The economies of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru are per se attractive to the entire world due to their solid democratic structures, the positive investment conditions and their dynamic and globalized markets. Each of them plays an important role in the economy of the region and has its own competitive advantages. 


In this case, the country is an emerging country that has sustained its economic growth and is well recognized for its progress in social development. These are the main characteristics of Chile:

This country is an emerging economy anda n economic power in Latin America. It is renowned for its coffee production, flowers, coal and oil. Here is the main information about its economy:

Mexico is the 14th economy worldwide and its foreign trade represents 60% of the GDP. Its main exports are oil, manufactures, metals and cars. Here is some economic data about the country:

This last and small country has grown an average of 6.4% each year since 2002, due to an increased private investment that has also helped to reduce poverty. The country has a wide range of mineral and fishing resources. Here you can see its main economic characteristics:

Economic value of the Pacific Alliance
The deep integration, development and competitiveness sought through the Pacific Alliance makes the markets of its member countries even more attractive to the rest of the world. 

Together, the economies of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru represent:

With a GDP per capita of 10,000 USD and a mainly young population, the Pacific Alliance has a qualified workforce anda n attractive market with a growing purchasing power. Other aspects that should be taken into account are:

       In 2013, the Alliance Members States' average growth rate of 5% was higher than the global average of 3.2%. 
       In 2013, the inflation rate was 3.2%, lower than the regional average of 6%.

High macro-economic stability and their capacity for annual market expansion are characteristic of the Pacific Alliance member countries. 

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